Pure Extraction Inc will develop and offer the highest quality products and services at a competitive price while maintaining superior support to our customers.

  • Our products and services will reduce our customer initial and operational costs.
  • Our machines will be built using the higest quality and standards, focusing on the consumer and operator of equipment, making it easy to operate and clean.
  • Our customers will be in a supported community, creating a system for all users of CO2 extraction equipment, while also supporting users of other manufacturers, and the do-it-yourself crowd.
  • To make CO2 extracted oils more assessable to the end users


PURE Location

Pure Extraction has 2 offices in Canada (Toronto, Vancouver), both servicing our international clients.


W Mark VanSluytman - President/Founder

With over 10 years working with industrial gas equipment. In addition to working in
high-tech green companies with innovative and proprietary equipment to purify biogas, methane, and hydrogen gas streams to name a few. Mark has worked in various different departments in operations from R&D, testing, assembly with the majority of his experience with commissioning and operations.
Mark was approached in 2015 to build a single 5L CO2 botanical oil extractor, since the local market was having difficulty purchasing one because of long lead times and high cost of equipment compounded with the American dollar. From this initial meeting research was done to look into this emerging market and Mark concluded that this new emerging technology had incredible potential with growing demand, Pure Extraction was born.

Hardin Jackson - Chief Executive Officer

With over 20 years experience in both new business launch and ongoing leadership for both industrials/ manufacturing and technology market verticals, Hardin Jackson is a welcomed member to the Pure Extraction team. His areas of experience include new business development, capital and funding management, vendor/ client negotiations, strategic partnerships, day-to-day management, board and investor relations, senior management team building, setting business strategy and vision. As a managing director/ owner of a key component supplier to the Extraction industry, Hardin provides effective and custom solutions to Pure Extraction for increased efficiencies and overall cost reduction.